JumpStart: Faeria


Faeria is a free to play, fantasy style strategy card game which is now in Early Access. The game runs like other card games such as Magic and Hearthstone, with a Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green decks which have different play styles which can be mixed to create explosive combos. What’s different about Faeria is that you and your opponent take control of the board’s spaces with plain tiles, forest, desert, mountain, and lake to give yourself an advantage when placing creatures.


The music and sound effects within the game are set in the fantasy style with, at least during the menu screen, light harmonies on high frequency synths accompanied by a regular crotchet beat pattern on a plucked string instrument; this eventually flows into a haunting melody and accompaniment between a piano and erhu (a traditional Chinese violin). If anything, the game’s aesthetics are very close to that of Ori and the Blind Forest and give the game a particularly calm and mystical feel, in contrast to Hearthstone’s heavier tavern style. However, after this cue has ended, the music occasionally creates a completely different atmosphere during the deck creation and fight phases, sounding militant in its style with low synth drones and a heavy, driving drumbeat accompanied by a combination of brass and strings.

Deck Build.png

For a card game, with little to no narrative/story plot, it may be difficult to create interesting musical accompaniment that is in danger of becoming a monotonous loop of cues. Faeria’s flow between musical styles which all fit the same fantasy genre work well for the game, especially when working with areas such as deck creation where a player may spend a lot of their time.



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