Thumper: A Musicologist’s View


Thumper is a rhythm violence game, developed by Drool, where a player is in control of a space beetle travelling on what appears to be a psychedelic winding path to hell. The first level of the game is intuitive in its design, teaching the player all the basic steps that they need to know, and how to identify any rhythmic patterns that will need a response. Although the visuals are fast paced, the game mostly gives you enough time to see what is ahead, being surprisingly calm in a barrage of senses, as the music is not entirely obvious for a rhythm game; it should not be the only sense the player relies on.


Thumper will suck you in and spit you out, being both an encaptivating and exhausting with the intense visuals, and synthesised music which makes the beetle feel as though it is going faster than it is actually moving. The music is enjoyable to listen too, having a driving beat pattern, with rising synth frequencies and high pitched positive feedback sounds, which pulls the player with it and protects itself from the issue that some other rhythm games may have, being boring.


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