Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean: A Musicologist’s View

Baten Kaitos is a 2003 JRPG on the GamCube platform, and something has only just discovered recently by myself. JRPGs such as Baten are a dying breed as games such as this are starting to be phased out for the more “favoured” open world, real time combat RPGs. In its gameplay mechanics, Baten Kaitos does something different, the fight mechanics use cards which harbour either attacks, defence or healing, and the game it asks you to line up or pair cards with certain numbers (i.e. 1,2,3,4 or 22,44) to add bonus percentage on to your attack.

This type of mechanic is different and quite unique, making the game interesting in its mechanics. Unfortunately, the English voice acting for this game does not live up to the same standard. Who knows how much of a budget they were given, but the vocals that can be heard in the game are badly recorded, sounding tinny and with too much reverb added. This is almost laughable when you begin the game, and it’s only for the game’s intuitive gameplay that one was not put off by the audio. The sound design is nothing fantastic either, with the soundtrack being a sister to that of the StarOcean franchise and naturally being too loud or repetitive in an area of gameplay, drowning out any language and vocality that is placed there.


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